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Availability as of July 19th
                                                       Bianca has 1 available
                                                       pure white Mink Jade eyes Boy
                                                       Bambi has 2 available
                                                       Solid Lilac Girl
                                                       Solid Cinnamon Marbled Girl
                                                       Ginger has 2 available
                                                       1 chocolate lynx traditional and                                                        1 chocolate Lynx Mink 

Please read the " Food and Care Page "
Please read contract listed on Homepage .
Likeminded Holistic Families are appreciated

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Strawberry & Little Bear have been reserved

Bambi s babies 02 2020 .jpg

Bambi our beautiful Fawn Solid mitted girl had babies born April 4th 2021 waiting for their Best Forever Families to reserved them .
1 fawn traditional lynx blue eyes girl, 1 fawn lynx mitted traditional blue eyes boy reserved, 1 cinnamon solid marbled green eyes girl Mia Chestnut , 1 lilac solid aqua eyes girl Alba , 1 lilac lynx blue eyed boy reserved .

Available Kittens

chocolate Lynx Ragdoll .jpg

Chocolate Lynx Blue Eyes Boy


Available   on hold



Lilac Solid Aqua eyes  Girl
Gorgeous baby
sweet personality 
$ 2500


Cinnamon Solid Marbled Fascinating girl
She is exceptionally rare and beautiful 
Her eye color will set on green and her fur color is set already .
Very smart and personable , will match with lively family and a second furry   friend.


Cinnamon Solid marbled Ragdoll of AmourToujours.jpg

Mia Chessnut 

True Pure white Ragdoll of AmourToujours

Bianca  pure white mink blue eyed Beauty

Bianca had 3 babies on the 12th of March , 
1 pure white boy mink aqua eyes , Beaumont 


Pure White Mink with aqua jade eyes and dense and bunny soft furrr.
Everything on this Baby is pure white as Snow and Pink as Barbie( nose ,ears all paw cushions )
$ 2100 

Available to reserve *****

Cinnamon Mink Lynx Mitted and hour glass Blazed_edited.jpg

Bumble Bee queen in June 2021
Cinnamon Mink Mitted and Blazed Beauty Spectacular Markings
Ticketed coat
Gorgeous AquaJade Big Almond eyes 
Dense and Silky furr
Total Ragdoll Personality 
Fox tale ! babies will be ready in August


Baltazar ( on the left )
Chocolate Cinnamon Lynx Mink    on hold


Sugar Plum is Bumble Bee baby , so exited how beautiful and sweet they turned out .

Lilac Mink Mitted

Available to Reserve 

$ 2500     on hold

Cinnamon Lynx ragdoll .jpg

Beautiful Golden Fawn Lynx baby Girl 

$ 2300

Available to Reserve

Fabulous cinnamon boy


Reserved by Susan

Cinnamon Point Blue eyes Ragdoll.jpg

Below all have been                  reserved

B for Bee

Chocolate Lynx mink Aqua eyes 

$ 1900
Available to Reserve



fluffiest cutest mini MIMI
Chocolate/Cinnamon Lynx Mink
Aqua eyes

$ 2500



Luna Lee , very affectionate and inquisitive baby doll , fawn Lynx with sparkly Blue eyes , this girl is so much fun , making up games all the time between kisses of course .
$ 2500
 Reserved by Daniel

All Bellow have been Sold


Cinnamon Mink Baby
with Aqua turquoise eyes
$ 2500


Beautiful and rare coloring


BEW Ragdoll of AmourToujoursRagdolls.com

Harrison Ford

aka Indiana Jones

sold to Sharon

Exquisite boy


Chocolate Lynx Blue Eyes Ragdoll of Amou
chocolate Lynx traditional .jpg

Cinnamon Lynx, Pink nose Sky blue eyes, sweetest girl 

Goldie Locks **Sold**

$ 2500 

I decided to release this marvelous little girl ,she is absolutely perfect but has a bit of a smaller frame for my breeding program ,

she has all good things going for her from beauty to temperament





cinnamon ragdoll .jpg
chocolate Lynx Ragdoll .jpg

I love my chocolate Lynxes , they retain the beautiful ivory body color coat and the points do not invade the face with a dark color even with older age . I am very happy with this achievment

Mac Marolago Chocolate Lynx Traditional


Cutest little face for this Lilac Lynx sweet and pretty girl 


$ 2400

Sold to Macey

Lilac Lynx Blue eyed AmourToujoursRagdol
Fawn Ragdoll of AmourToujoursRagdolls.jp



Beautiful Emilia

Traditional Periwinkle Blue eyed fawn baby girl .

super sweet , the color is still rare amongst rag dolls , the points are colored as a bambi/fawn , a warm beige with hues of apricot much nicer than a sometimes mustardy flame ,the remainder of the body fur is the usual beautiful ivory my lines carry



now Simon

extraordinarily affectionate

with "practikely" perfect

Ragdoll standard . 

Sold to Denise 

Lilac Mink lynx Boy

Pure White Ragdoll .jpg



Pure white MINK boy aqua eyes. 


AmourToujoursRagdolls.com .jpg

Very handsome boy

eye color will be a shade of turquoise

Nose leather , paw cushions are a beautiful coral pink color .there will be a peachy glow throughout the ivory body color , points are beige-peachy.

Lilac Blue eyed Ragdoll .jpg

Lila Morning Joy

now Duchess .

A cutie in a small package .

Huge eyes , very sweet girl.

Lilac mitted so far

Reserved for handsome Lorenzo by his parents 


Cinnamon Lynx Mink of AmourToujours Ragd
Solid Cinnamon Lynx Ragdoll .jpg

Cinnamon Mink Lynx

Who has them ? !

amazing girl 

Beautiful face with white liner make up for the eyes which are

2 tone turquoise like a vacation to the Bahamas

We will have more of this color and pattern in 2021 


Sold  to  Jeri



Caramel has amazing markings and the rarest solid cinnamon lynx and soft fur  Stunning kitty... two distinct YY above his eyes along his nose... he looks like an Ocelot and has a sweet and inquisitive and loving Ragdoll personality .

he will have spectacular eye color : misty blue-green with a secondary 0utter circle of aqua green once the color is set , his mahogany cinnamon fur color is already set .    $ 2500

Sold to Jeri , he will be working with her as emotional support furry therapist  :)

AmourToujoursRagdolls.com .jpg


Lilac Lynx Traditional Girl

Sweet and spunky , she s definitively a keeper , little love bug and soft paw baby .nicely fluffy with big blue sky eyes and a gentle expression with some passion in her kisses .

Sold toMichelle

Perfect mittens
Deep blue eyes dense silky furrr for Beautiful 
Affectionate and confident .
Sold to Linda and Robert
we produce perfect mittens...


Cinnamon and Fawn Ragdolls .png

Cinnamons & Fawns

 in MINK with AQUA Eyes

    Cinnamon Mink boy

           JOEY   Sold  

 Fawn MiNK baby sold


AmourToujours Ragdolls.com .jpg

Perfectly marked Seal Lynx Traditional girl with Sapphire eyes

Sold to Jonathan and Family.

Super outgoing and playful , she ll fit right in with her new kitty friends and forever people.


Billy The Kid


Billy the Kid looks he s on top of his little World , this big boy is a mini lion

Sweet sweet personality as we expected .

Below on this page a couple more pictures of him ....

Sold to Jessica and Family 


Shelby has been reserved by Lily as her emotional support .

She is a sweet little pure white girl , loving the human touch .


AmourToujours Ragdoll .  Jackson

Seal Lynx with phenomenal eye color

this boy Jackson has a GREAT LIFE

he will always be my Sumo boy 


seal Lynx Sapphire eyes Ragdoll .jpg

Jackson at 10 months

Cinnamons of AmourToujours Ragdolls.com


Cinnamon traditional Lynx Beauty 

Mayala Cocoa 

Gorgeous chocolate Lynx markings on this traditional fun and Jolly little girl.

Such a pretty face

to contemplate for years to come .

Chocolate Lynx of AmourToujopursaRagdoll
Chocolate Mink of AmourToujoursragdolls.

Chocolate Mink Point with aqua eyes .




2 tone Blue eyes Pure White Traditional Boy Willow 

He can do no wrong his Mammy says  :)

More PICTURES  ......

Gorgeous boy

Lilac Mink Point 

Huge eyes , dense , silky and very fluffy furrrr.

Personality awesome .

I almost decided to keep him ...and reprogram my breeding plan but he is waiting to be 4 months of age to be able to fly in the arms of some very blessed children in The Kingdom of Burnei .


Lilac Mink of Amourtoujours Ragdoll Bree
Lilac Mink Point of AmourToujoursRagdoll


Classicly handsome

purrs a whole lot  :)

chocolate Mink   boy

fabulous eyes with amazing 

color  , very nice and even contrast between the points and the ivory body .


He will go from VIP to


chocolate Mink of AmourToujoursRagdolls.
chocolate Mink Ragdoll of AmourToujoursR

Amadeus Marlow

Amour Toujours Ragdoll Breeder   Lilac R

Amadeus aka Marlow and NoaH's Pride , wow I might keep him ..........Well,

it looks some expert eye spotted NoaH's Pride for the far away Kingdom of Burnei , he will be "aux petits soins " along with his brother Winchester in a Princely Family with kiddos to love them .

Have you seen what she is trying to feed us . Too much organic Turkey it seems to me .......!!!!!

Mmm yes makes me sleepy ....but it s yummy and I' m Sumo Size for my age .


Pure White AmourToujours Ragdolls .jpg
Gossip .jpg
Mama Blaze .jpg

I love  my kitties...

Lots of Fun and lots of responsibilities and 

years of holistic experience.

AmourToujoursRagdolls .com Toblerone *

Chocolate Traditional Lynx Ragdoll

My Boy Toblerone

Below are the kittens we ve had in the past few years . 

AmourToujours Ragdoll lilac Mink Blazed
AmourToujours Ragdolls .jpg

Diamond is an exceptional Boy

He is a rare Cinnamon Lynx traditional , absolute show quality boy .

His personnsality is teddy bearish ,

very sweet and laid back and a big big boy he will become !, his bone structure is solid , his head proportions are awesome .

Exquisite eye color that is to live for .

Only 2 months of age and already knows he is superb .

$ 2500  *** SOLD ***        


Diamond will be flying in cabin to Boston to join his Forever Girl ! 

A beautiful young lady who calls him a walking work of Art and she knows about cat beauty !...

Change of event ....

Diamond decided to stay in Florida , 

he will receive plenty of Love and affection from Gail and Deb , he took to them immediately , he is a super baby , super affectionate and confident ....gorgeous Golden Diamond.... !

Lilac Blazed

Superstar Maxine , lillac lynx mink of AmourToujours 


Stunning Ragdoll of AmourToujours
AmourToujours Cinnamon Ragdoll .jpg

Cinnamon Point traditional boy with


violet Blue huge blue eyes !!


Great eye 


contact , loves all kinds of


massages on his paw cushions


Lovely boy with sweet looks


Very dense and silky , fluffy


fur with strong bone structure as all my babies 

 presented to Rose for her Birthday

AmourToujoursRagdolls Pure White Blue eyes

Huckleberry pure white mink with blue eyes  joined His Family in Sarasota ,he is the perfect Ragdoll in Beauty and temperament , perfection .

Enjoying a belly rub

with total surrender

Love this Boy Tigger

Seal Lynx Traditional

Sapphire Blue eyes

AmourToujours Ragdolls .jpg
AmourToujours Ragdoll Toblerone.jpg

Chocolate Lynx Traditional 

Chocolate Lynx Mitted Traditional with Blue Sky eyes

Chocolate lynx Mitted Traditional AmourT
All white Ragdoll kitten AmourToujours.j

Mink White with Aqua Grey misty eyes 

Steve Wonder

Lilac Mink AmourToujours Ragdolls.jpg

Pastel Lilac Mink

This Celadon-aqua Eye color is very rare

Seal Lynx Milo Boy 

AmourToujoursRagdolls Seal Lynx Ragdoll
AmourToujours _edited.jpg

lilac point Mink

Mc Cloud

Seal Point Mink with Esmerald Aqua Eyes 

AmourToujoursRagdolls .jpg
AmourToujours Ragdolls.jpg

Blue Mink Lynx 


AmourToujours Ragdolls .jpg
Opalina White Ragdoll kitten_edited.jpg

Pure white little girl , absolutely perfect .

Mink bunny soft furr

                 Opalina now Princess Snow White  :)

Very smart and curious , purrs when you just look at her , she chirps like a little cute bird .

She will sleep close to you .

All Ragdoll personality .

She has beautiful green to aqua amazing eye color that pop out like jewels on her snow fur .

Her coat is immaculate white and her nose , cushions and ears are very bright pink !

Sold toBecky and her Family with 2 adorable smart children 3>

She is really SKYLER kitty

Solid FawnRagdoll.jpg

Ganache Douceur

Solid Fawn Mitted

sold to Dax 

Fawn Point Traditional Ragdoll of AmourT

Traditional FAWN point

Nose leather and paw cushions are an attractive coral pink .

Much more pleasant then the red or cream , i love the fawn ...rare and beautiful .


Solid Lilac



Aqua eyes

Pure White Traditional Deep Blue Eyes

Ragdoll Breeder AmourToujours.jpg
Traditional Lilac point of AmourToujours

Pastel Lilac Mink Point

Lilac  Mink Point with Turquoise Aqua Eyes 

Ragdoll Breeder AmourToujours SW Florida

Pure White Blue Eyes

Billy The Kid

White Mink Aqua eyes Ragdoll.jpg

White Mink

Celadon-Aqua Eyes

Blue Mink blue

aqua eyes

Blue eyed White Ragdoll .jpg
Blue Eyed Pure White Ragdoll .jpg
Cinnamon Lynx Ragdoll .jpg
Dandelion Fields

Margueritte aka Elsa totally relaxed and confident , loves kisses and is very playful too ,,usually sleeps by Mick's shoulders and comes up on his chest when he is about to wake up 

Chocolate Lynx Traditionnal .jpg
Pure White Ragdoll
AmourToujours Seal point Ragdoll

His little nose has just been dipped in hot cocoa ...so it appears ...doubly adorable