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Queen Bambi ,

Beautiful Fawn girl with amazing eyes is FOR SALE as a Breeder approx in September of this year , she was born in 2017 .

She produces excellent temperament Ragdolls , the type is very nice too .Eyes are out of this world . The color combo is amazing

She is a healthy girl .

 text 239 200 3152  for photos , please specify which gender and color you are interested in , fyi we emphasize the holistic approach , like minded people appreciated .



Romeo sold to Andrew and Cali

Solid Lilac



Aqua eyes

Lilac Traditional Lynx mited baby boy ,James ,

playful and sweet .

Beautiful deep blue eye color 

His sister Caroline

Lilac point Traditional 

below she has mittens too

 available as well $1900


Available $ 2200

Amaretto Delight

aka Willow

2 color eyes

pure white baby boy

$ 2200


by Kevin & Dana 

Ganache Douceur

Fawn solid mitted

golden green eyes

SOLD to Dax

& Family for their Daughter's 16th Birthday !!

What an unforgettable Present in a young lady's life .

Cinnamon Mink Lynx

Who has them ? !

amazing girl 

$ 2500


Mayala Cocoa 

Gorgeous chocolate Lynx markings on this traditional fun and Jolly little girl.

Such a pretty face

to contemplate for years to come .

$ 2100


Gorgeous boy

Lilac Mink Point 

Huge eyes , thick , silky and very fluffy furrrr.

Personality awesome .


$ 2300

Baltazar is a playful and tender handsome guy like his daddy Dolce

He will have the same amazing turquoise eyes

$ 1900

Deposit forfeit

Awaiting deposit

Once in a while we get a pastel lilac Mink . Amadeus is one of them his eye color is expected to be as Ella below and his overall color all the more pastel lilac . He is a smart little guy who loves his humans , very gentle unique kitty boy , beautiful expression, lots of fluff . $ 2200

Newbies those are all the kittens for this year , we only have 4  2020 litters

We have 2 more girls and 3 boys available as of May 29th

Fawn Mink Lynx Girl .......Sold  $ 2500 Marmalade

Seal Mink Lynx boy.........Reserved by Tracy $ 2200 Jackson 

Chocolate Lynx Traditional girl .........Available ***( under evaluation )

Chocolate Lynx Traditional Girl ......Sold $ 2100 Mayala Cocoa

White  Boy ..........( under evaluation )Reserved by Catheleen

White Traditional 2 tone blue eyes .....Sold $ 2200  Willow

White Traditional Blue eyed Girl .............Sold $ 2300  Duchess

White Traditional Blue eyed Boy ..........Sold $ 2400 Islander 

White Traditional w coiffe boy..........Sold $ 2000  Maximo

Lilac traditional Lynx & Mitted Boy .......Available***** $ 2200 James

Lilac traditional point Mitted Girl ............Available*****  $1900   Caroline

Chocolate Mink Point girl .....Reserved  by Christina $ 1900

Chocolate Mink Point Boy .....Available***** $ 2100 Winchester

Chocolate Lynx & Mitted Traditional Boy.....Available ***** $ 2400 Benjamin

Lilac Mink Point Boy ...... Available anew ***** $ 2300 Noah's Pride 

Lilac Mink Point Boy ......Awaiting Deposit *  $ 1900 Baltazar

Pastel Lilac Mink Point Boy ... Available***** $ 2200 Amadeus 


Benjamin is a rare

awesome sweet boy , he has it all

Chocolate color 

Lynx pattern and Mittens , pretty rare to find all in one kitty , plus he has the sweetest face and a gorgeous tale .

Affectionate to the moon.

$ 2400


Chocolate point Mink Boy ,


beautiful color combo  ...

Loves to cozy up to your hand and get tickles under his chin .

$ 2100 Available


Exquisitely Gracious pure white beauty

Reserved by Wendy

her dream come true kitty .

Very affectionate baby

$ 2300

More PICTURES  ......all.babies born in March & April 

Islander is immaculate with Huge and deep blue eyes

He is a tender very affectionate more mellow baby boy,

Loves to cuddle , such good eye contact.Perfect kitty

Pure white,  fabulous

blue eyes


So sweet and beautiful

$ 2400

Sold to Shari ,

Jonathan and Josh

he will have a cutie cavalier king Charles as furry friend .

Lovely Lilac Mink boy 



$ 1900 Available

awaiting deposit 


Cute Lilac Point Traditionnal girl with the cutest fun expression

Cuddly very expressive girl

Available   $1900

Amadeus and NoaH's Pride

Have you seen what she is trying to feed us . Too much organic Turkey it seems to me .......!!!!!

Mmm yes makes me sleepy ....but it s yummy and I' m Sumo Size for my age .


Chocolate Traditional Lynx Ragdoll

Below are the kittens we ve had for the past 18 months 

Diamond is an exceptional Boy

He is a rare Cinnamon Lynx traditional , absolute show quality boy .

His personnsality is teddy bearish ,

very sweet and laid back and a big big boy he will become !, his bone structure is solid , his head proportions are awesome .

Exquisite eye color that is to live for .

Only 2 months of age and already knows he is superb .

$ 2500  *** SOLD ***        


Diamond will be flying in cabin to Boston to join his Forever Girl ! 

A beautiful young lady who calls him a walking work of Art and she knows about cat beauty !...

Change of event ....

Diamond decided to stay in Florida , 

he will receive plenty of Love and affection from Gail and Deb , he took to them immediately , he is a super baby , super affectionate and confident ....gorgeous Golden Diamond.... !

Superstar Maxine , lillac lynx mink of AmourToujours 


Cinnamon traditional boy with


violet huge blue eyes !!


This cutie is already very


outgoing , he has great eye 


contact and loves all kinds of


massages on his paw cushions


Lovely boy with sweet looks


Very dense and silky , fluffy


fur with strong bone structure.   $ 2300 presented to Rose's Birthday

Huckleberry pure white mink with blue eyes will join His Family in Sarasota ,he is the perfect Ragdoll in Beauty and temperament , perfection .$2200

Enjoying a belly rub

with total surrender

Love this Boy Tigger

A very beautiful perfectly marked ,outgoing Traditional Chocolate Lynx boy carries cinnamon .
Beautiful big perfectly shaped very nicely blue colored eyes ( a 4 out of 5 ) with a spark when he looks at you .
Very relaxed ,as chocolaty sweet as his appearance , thus his name : Toblerone
aka TOBBY 
Perfect Ragdoll personality , he comes running as you call his name , absolutely loves his minnows , well rounded, full of fun moves .
He would winn a Grand championship title with that beauty if that were the intent .
                       Will Remain in my Breeding program and produce awesome babies in 2020 . 

This astonishing pure white boy has been reserved by Mary and will be living with Tom an 11 y young Ragdoll and enjoy many grandchildren's visits .


** Milo  is now Becky' s dream come true as she loves him **

Pastel Lilac Mink

This Eye color is very rare

P'tit Chou is a lovely boy  , he is sweet as coconut cream , very docile , he goes completely relaxed when picked up and kissed under the chin .Rare Lilac Mink with fabulous teal blue eyes .

This is one of the lighter color/pattern you can have short of pure white .Beautiful dense and soft mink fur .

$ 2200     ** SOLD to KIM and her active welcoming Family ** He is joining his half brother Huck . This was a serendipitous reunion and set of circumstances that bring Joy to my heart . " All is well "

Pure white little girl , absolutely perfect .

Mink bunny soft furr

                 Opalina now Princess Snow White  :)

Very smart and curious , purrs when you just look at her , she chirps like a little cute bird .

She will sleep close to you .

All Ragdoll personality .

She has beautiful green to aqua amazing eye color that pop out like jewels on her snow fur .

Her coat is immaculate white and her nose , cushions and ears are very bright pink !

**$ 2100 **

Sold toBecky and her Family with 2 adorable smart children 3>

She is really SKYLER kitty

Ganache Douceur

Solid Fawn Mitted

sold to Dax 

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We deliver from Sarasota to Naples

and fly from Ft Myers international     text us at                      

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