We are located in SW Florida  

We deliver from Sarasota to Naples

and fly from Ft Myers international     text us at                      

#239 200 31 52   


A v a i l a b l e    k i t t e n s  

Text 239 200 3152  for more info

see pictures to the end of page

 text 239 200 3152  for photos , please specify which gender and color you are interested in .

Chocolate Mousse Babies are born , 2 have been reserved , 3 remain available , they are chocolate and cinnamon and lilac, if interested please introduce yourself via text or e mail, we answer serious and respectful inquiries .

New Litter : Snow's babies were born in September , available for December .

Diamond a cinnamon traditional lynx boy ** available for a Breeder **

Mc Cloud a blue point traditional boy ** available  **

Tiger a seal lynx boy** available  **

Beddy Chou lilac lynx mink boy **available **

Pockey Dot blue Lynx Mink with a mini blaze/dot** reserved **

This will be our last litter for 2019 



Tiger is a perfectly marked Seal lynx sweet and fun boy 
He will most likely retain his blue eyes , very deep stunning color .
Available to reserve
$ 1700

Huckleberry pure white mink with blue eyes will join His Family in Sarasota ,he is the perfect Ragdoll in Beauty and temperament , perfection .$2200

Cinnamon traditional boy with


violet blue eyes !!


This cutie is already very


outgoing , he has great eye 


contact and loves all kinds of


massages on his paw cushions


Lovely boy with sweet looks.


** Available to reserve  ** 

$ 1900

Superstar Maxine , lillac lynx mink of AmourToujours lives with Cynthia and Jo with their family of Ragdolls


Mature cinnamon

Lynx Mink coloring on our Boy Theo who fathered a couple of litters with beautiful kittens this year 

Diamond is an exceptional Boy

as you can see even in his baby picture with his nose against the window .

He is a rare Cinnamon Lynx traditional , absolute show quality boy .

His personnsality is teddy bearish ,

very sweet and laid back and a big big boy he will become !, his bone structure is solid , his head proportions are awesome .

Exquisite eye color that is to live for .

Just listed and ** Available**

$ 2300

Breedings rights are additional , he will father gorgeous Ragdolls and the Breed needs this to improve most

cinnamon types out there .

A very beautiful perfectly marked ,outgoing Chocolate Lynx boy carries cinnamon .
Gorgeous deep big blue eyes 
Very relaxed ,as chocolaty sweet as his appearance , thus his name : Toblerone 
He may be yours soon as your forever best companion , he will come running as you call his name , absolutely loves his minnows , well rounded personality full of fun moves .
Go and winn some ribbons and a championship title with that beauty 
                             $ 2100
                       " Available to reserve "    

Lilac mink mitted boy Tahoe with exquisite eyes huge and deep aqua like lake Tahoe ! very very sweet buddy, sooo soft , flips on his back every time you want for long periods of chin rubs and belly kisses , extremely sociable .Superb eye contact

  **Lives in Chicago with Don & Joan**

He is spoiled and loved and protected beyond measure .I received a lovely video where he loves to dance with Joan ,with a smile on my face i have to write : my kittens are really a Joy .

Extremely Rare Cinnamon Ragdoll

not a Breeder as the tip of his tail has a tiny white dot which is very cute for a superb pet .

This baby Boy is special ,absolutely love him..

His eyes are powdered sky blue and his nose and ears are a coral pink color as are his paw cushions, Cinnamon is a fabulous warm color to look upon .

He will be a Big sweet boy  just like his daddy 

Theodore Thumper . $

***  $ 2000 Awaiting deposit **

** Milo  is now Becky' s dream come true as she loves him **

This astonishing pure white boy has been reserved by Mary and will be living with Tom an 11 y young Ragdoll and enjoy many grandchildren's visits .


Amazing markings , gorgeous baby Milo with the brightest of blue eyes 

Seal Lynx boy , his personality is very affectionate , he follows Becky everywhere and sleeps with his humans , definitively the best of the best , would win all the ribbons if that was the intent .

 $ 1700

Many asking if he is still available ...but ....

we have a new baby named Tiger that will have Milo's looks in the mink fur , we are observing his personality still , text us if interested, we have not listed him yet .

Miss Daisy is available

Tender baby she turned 4 months would be happy with a little sweet girl or boy to match personality, seems to like small or fluffy dogs .

loves to play and even fetch small balls and toys , keeps close to you , loves to be held for long period of time . Very smart

Beautiful 2 tones aqua Blue eyes and a bunny soft blue mink furrrr....

$ 1000 ** available

Ella , fun little girl with lots of sweet personality , she is 

very curious about every new toys you offer but loves mostly to follow you around for a tickle purring time .

Very soft and fluffy baby 

Traditional Lilac point

** Available to reserve **

$ 1500

P'tit Chou is a lovely Lilac Lynx Mink boy , smaller in size he might reach 10 or 11 pounds , he is sweet as coconut cream , very docile , he goes completely relaxed when picked up and kissed under the chin .

This is one of the lighter color/pattern you can have short of pure white .

His eye color is still developing .

$ 1900

Mc Cloud

Traditional Blue point .

Very nice boy ,

tranquil little sweet ball of soft fur , likes his kisses and nap times .

Available $ 1700


Adorable bundle of Joy and affection , she will not disappoint a family in need of lots of cuddles and grooming......, very personnable and lovable baby girl

She has most beautiful 2 tone aqua turquoise blue eyes

second picture below

Available $ 1400

Pockey Dot is a superbly marked

Blue Lynx Mink

with an adorable and unique small white dot on her nose 

She is absolutely laid back and nothing phases her , very fun and loving .

**available** $ 1500

Last but not least , pure white little girl , absolutely perfect .

                 Opalina now Princess Snow White  :)

Very smart and curious , purrs when you just look at her , she chirps like a little cute bird .

She will sleep close to you .

All Ragdoll personality .

She has beautiful green to aqua amazing eye color that pop out like jewels on her snow fur .

Her coat is immaculate white and her nose , cushions and ears are very bright pink !

**$ 2100 **

Sold toBecky and her Family with 2 adorable smart children 3>