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New Adventure Begins

Our Ragdoll Story begins with a dream , a dream and vision my teenage Son shared with me ; he had never asked anything so heartily . He had such a detailed description of the kitty he longed to snuggle with ... I was so impressed ...and prayerfully pondered things...It took  little  research to find the  breed  displaying the docile and faithful character as well as the Blue Sky Eyes and the Snow like silky Furr of the dream..., Providence on this journey was marvelous. The  kitty to be ours had  just been born a couple of weeks earlier.

 One sign amongst many was This  Kittie's Birthday : July 4th ! : My Boy had always been extraordinarily fond of all good things Americana , it is in his Blood , when he was 2 years old , he would gather all the American flags in our  shopping cart that he could find in  the  hardware store shelves.. and there this wonder of a kitty  was born on Independence Day! .. She was a perfect White with Blue Sky eyes and absolutely reciprocates my Son's Affection. When she finally arrived , it was Love at first sight ... 

Love at first Sight

The Dream Kitty came home

Our Team

Mashmellow Snow Flake

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