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Great news !!

If your heart is ready for a perfect

 furry companion , contact us  after reading our website in its  entirety together with our contract on the home page

and contact us via email by letting us know a little bit about yourself and your expectations . 

We specialize in the beautiful rare colors .

We will soon be retiring Tender ,most likely early November 2020, please inquire and text 239 200 31 52 if interested , she is 2 and a half years of age , a beautiful lilac Mink with lush soft furrr and amazing turquoise eyes , she is a loving kitty and will adapt with other kitties as she is very young , she is not a lap cat but will sleep at your feet and sit next to you to watch tv together .

She likes to be walked around with holding her tight on your chest , she will purr for you :)

Her rehome price is $ 450 to her best forever home .


became a snow bird with water views 

We are located in SW Florida  

We deliver from Sarasota to Naples

and fly from Ft Myers international     text us at                      

#239 200 31 52