A reserve deposit is typically 400 and 500 for pure whites and rare colors. For retired cats it is 200 .

Before Reserving we talk over the phone or Skype .

 We like to schedule a short Skype visit , to be able to see the kitten react to the voices of their possible future family , it also give the opportunity to see the kitten live not just a photo that often times might not be a recent one modus operandi of many catteries and sometimes even not of the kitten you think you are purchasing .... stories out there are mind boggling please be careful and choose a TICA registered breeder in good standing .

The deposits are non refundable and can be used within reason  for the next litter if reservation was done prior to birth or the next after the second if there was no availability in the second  for your desired colors . I always detail the colors and patterns that will occur with different Ragdoll coupling  on the " PLANS " page in our menu , it is very helpful to have 2 or 3 preferred color/patterns .

Breeding rights are the price of the kitten less restrictions .Typically every restriction is 20% less and deducted from pricing . Usually restrictions are applied to one gender if multiples are purchased . ( I offer breedings rights under rare circumstances )

We reserve the right to refund the deposit via Zelle or check , if our Cattery decides not to sell you the kitten at any given time before or during delivery 


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