We are located in SW Florida  

We deliver from Sarasota to Naples

and fly from Ft Myers international     text us at                      

#239 200 31 52   


We will kindly work with future owners after the first  week  of   the Kitten's Birth  ,       


We want all to be very happy with their decisions and we will     refund deposits up to the  first day of the   5th  week of the       kittens ' Life ,if the pictures were not what you expected .                  ( banking fees will be  subtracted )                                                                                                

Deposits will be  $300 .                                                               

Additional deposit for breeders    


We are taking reservations for the 2019 and early 2020 litters

We are very happy to announce we will carry new colors ,some    of my   favorites : Tortie and flame ,bi color pattern sometimes in Summer of next year in 2020  , we also have  our new Fawn line and cinnamons as of 2019 .  Chocolates lynx and points traditional and mink in fall of 2019 .                              


 We do reserve the right to choose whom we place the kittens      with  .                                                                                      

We have a carrier who will accompany your kitten to your         nearest international airport in case you would not be able to   pick her up , usually the fee is $250.                                      


  Contact us early so we can establish                                        communication  and match the wishes with the kitten .          


We will be happy to meet you at Ft Myers international airport   

We do not breed numbers , we truly give the best building         starting blocks from food to socialization as to make a life     long difference , we are knowledgeable and serious with the lives of our cats ,and our future "family owners" will never have a     better companion .                                                                    


All Breeder cats are tested for leukemia , heart , kidneys health and TICA registered  pure breed Ragdolls .

All kittens will be TICA registered and a contract will be provided for all parties protection ,it is presented in the homepage : The TICA code of ethic is followed and acknowledged as all active TICA Breeders are required to .


The Ragdoll kittens are super socialized and are  handled many hours throughout the day , you will be pleased with these beauties and fall in love like we did ...   

We choose to invest in the best of everything  for our babies and their whole lives are impacted by  the quality of care , food and supplements we provide .

This below is an idea of pricing , each kitten is priced individually .


Prices start at 1400 for traditionals ,

  pure white babies start at 2000.          

pure white Minks start at 2200          

Solid colors start at 1200          

Minks start at  1400                 

Lynx pattern and mitted  are priced accordingly    

and breeders rights start  $from 2400 with a 500 reservation deposit .    ( we seldom sell breeders rights but exceptionally ,we never sell breeding rights for our whites as it requires advanced breeding knowledge that is seldom the case in the US where no classes on genetics is required , such lack may result in deafness of the kitten .)                                                                                

Please always send a request with a description of your dream kitty and  a few outlines about your family .