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BLUE EYED WHITE BEAUTY                                                                              

Healthiest AmourToujoursRagdoll kittens you will find in the rarest colors too

such as Pure whites , Cinnamons , Fawns , chocolates and Lilacs

Pastel Lilac Mink

Feel free to give us details on your other pets , living quarters etc...


What We Do
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  Pet contract 


Date at reception of Kitten  ______________      D O B  ______________________ 

Sex _______________   Color & Pattern ____________________________________

Sire ___________________________  Dame  ________________________________

Kitten Name ___________________________________________________________

Total Price  _____________________


This Kitten will be registered with The International Cat Association  ( TICA ) as her parents are .

Original paperwork will be ordered for the new owner at the time paperwork is received of the kitten spay or neuter 

 A 3 generations pedigree is ordered from TICA then ( it is now taking a few months to get it ) for a fee ,

It is different with discount extended for special situations .


 At reception of the kitten a certificate of good health by a professional licensed veterinarian  will be provided .

A Leukemia blood test was performed for each individual kitten and a comprehensive stool analysis as well .

Visit and tests were done once, when the kitten was approx 2 to 2 and a half months of age .

The protocol followed was immunobuilding rather then immunosupressant .The approach was naturopathic , holistic and homeopathic .

Generally no pharmaceuticals were given .


                                          T E R M S   O F   S A L E                                                        

 By signing this contract  , Breeder and New Owner agree to the following :   This kitten is sold as a pet companion . 

This kitten has a one year guarantee against any congenital defects . If such thing were to occur , an autopsy  report at buyer’s expense would have to show the defect .  AmourToujours will have the prerogative to reimburse the kitten’s sale price amount in this contract or to provide another kitten with possibly same color/pattern and gender , this has never been an occurrence in the last 25 years .

All health guarantee becomes null and void if the new owner chooses to vaccinate the kitten/cat  in any way , shape or form with pharmaceutical vaccines . As Breeder and owner of AmourToujours Cattery, I use a Naturopathic approach , a method that has proven to be effective over many years to maintain good health . Homeopathy ,naturopathy , quality foods , water , air ,and a small number of felines in a tidy home is key  .

If rabbies vaccination is required for international travel papers , it is recommended to prepare the cat via holistic protocol and evaluate the dose according to age and weight . ( genetic guarantee becomes void in that case as well as you are changing the cat genome ).

If a balance remains ,the kitten has to be paid in full and with cash (or cashier check only if agreed ahead of time )at reception , there will be no personal checks accepted at the time of delivery and there are absolutely no exceptions .

This contract signed is a receipt for the kitten payment in full as a pet .

This cat cannot be sold as Queen/Breeder to another Cattery furthermore ,  the penalty for breech of any part of this clause under this contract is a minimum fee of 

$ 5000 ( five thousand dollars ) , AmourToujours Cattery owner or representatives will seek immediate damages if aware of such breech .


Further and part of this clause all kittens issued from the cat sold as pet , in any circumstances , belong to representatives of AmourToujours Cattery , those kittens will 

have to be restituted to the owner at the age of 10 weeks , each kitten has a minimum value of $1400 each .


Upon receipt of the kitten , the buyer has 3 days to have the kitten examined by their certified ( preferably holistic ) veterinarian , I encourage to do this as the new owner will be reassured they have purchased a very healthy kitten with no health issues . 

Note that only congenital problems are reason for complaint .

Different characteristics of the kitten have been raised prior to the purchase and are not subject to renegotiations . 

Eye and fur colors and patterns are not subject to exact science even on the pedigree .

Knowledge and experience allows AmourToujours to have excellent determination of these , nevertheless ,

You have the opportunity to use UCLA laboratories to have your color and pattern confirmed via DNA testing at your own expense .

Buyer agrees to keep the cat strictly indoors or within an additional outdoor enclosure that is safe from access to predators or animals carrying flees , ticks and parasites .

De-clawing should be outlawed and is dangerous for the cat’s health and behaviour . Kittens are very trainable and have been using scratching posts and jute rugs , even wood logs provided for their training . They understand the word “No” and respond very well to changes of voice even subtle ones ; there is zero need to declaw a kitten and it is extremely cruel .

This kitten is used to eat freeze dried food from Stella and chewy , Turkey and Duck is the favorite , in combination with some raw meat turkey ,duck and quail from the company Blue Ribbon Mountain Ridge and ground white turkey meat from Greenwise publix , occasional organic grass fed bison , also the ground Turkey should never be treated with hormones or antibiotics , Flounder wild caught filet , sardines , venison ,tuna , Key West or Argentinian wild caught shrimp when you might have some , Vital turkey nibbles ,   

Treats are strictly freeze dry foods (turkey hearts , venison ,lamb or bison liver, shrimp ), sea weed , small fish -minnows ,

Other types of treats are dangerous .

 There are no dry kibbles on the market that are good for pets at this time .

Orijen 5 fish is acceptable for no more then 20 % of the diet , still has carbohydrate at 18% but can be useful to provide the calories and some supplements only when needed .

The quality of the water you offer to drink and for food prep will make a big difference for your cat longevity and alertness .

We use reverse osmosis whole house system and Echo Water for drinking . Distilled water with added minerals is good too .

Natural Clay litter with no chemicals dr Elsey exclusively , Blue Label is perfect .

This kitten stool was tested and has shown completely clear of any parasites or worms .

This kitten is used to have an open transparent high litter box such as a bin minimum 20 x 18 inch.

The environment of the kitten is very clean and their Mammy taught them well , therefor this baby has learned to groom themselves perfectly .


Further provisions :


All disputes will be settled in Court where AmourToujours Breeder resides 

Buyer and Seller’s signature below indicates full understanding , agreement and approval of all the above terms and conditions , this is a binding contract.

Please initial all pages .



Buyer :                                                              Signature : 


Seller :                                                              Signature :


White Ragdoll kitten AmourToujoursRagdolls for sale , blue eyes
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    AmourToujours        Solid Fawn


Oriental Lotus

Our cats are healthy and smart they are very trainable and do not want to be declawed , please abstain from this cruel practice 

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