Some foods and supplements I recommend you order and have on hand when your kittens arrives Home 

Besides those below I would add Turkey hearts or duck hearts , Sardines wild caught in water mixed in with a tuna pate and extra water once a week or two is an excellent meal in the stead of the stella and chewey turkey or duck  , freeze dry shrimps and mini freeze dried minnows for treats ,as well as some lamb liver as below

Dr Elsey natural clay for litter is best ( blue label ), Turkey , Quail and Bison meat are preferable , absolutely no chicken ! NO CHICKEN byproduct either

The bestest butter is the non pasteurized one

Mineral Clay Detoxifier, Terramin

A pinch of 20 mules BORAX everyday will keep the morgellons away

Homeopathic or herbal drops to keep all worms away .

Capilex to help when the fur sheds more .

Silver gel or silver liquid 20 ppm to clean the eyes , ears , noses or any scratches 

Boiron eye drops in singular doses " Optique 1 ", occasionally playing kitties could scratch around the eye or air conditioning could create a red eye ,

injuries to the eye can be serious and progress rapidly , please do not hesitate to see a veterinarian if such event occurs .

 Reverse osmosis water with added minerals with restore added as well ( distilled water may be used too or other excellent filtered water , all coca cola products like dasani ,smart water ,zephyrilis  and others should be avoided)

I promote Geo Safe technology to palliate to the aggressive invasion of EMF's and 5 G tech. seemingly being installed everywhere in The US.

Additional information can be found in the contract at home page

I will be speaking with you several times to coach the best protocol for your kitten ,and will demonstrate food preparation via one Skype session .

RRecette a venir très bientôt

Recipe can be texted

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