We are located in SW Florida  

We deliver from Sarasota to Naples

and fly from Ft Myers international     text us at                      

#239 200 31 52   


Bambi and Dolce will have babies in February 2020

Bianca and Theo will have babies in early Spring of 2020

Newly Wed

Chocolate Mousse will rest

til May

Will have her babies with Theo sometimes mid Summer of 2020

Babies might be Chocolates , Cinnamons ,Fawns , blues and seals ;

in Lynx or pointed patterns

in Traditional or Mink 


Here is our cinnamon Lynx Mink awesome boy 

Theodore Thumper of AmourToujours

Stunning in beauty, excellent Ragdoll temperament too .


  Mashmellow Snow


        Theodore of AmourToujours

October 2020

Colors to expect :

Pure White , Cinnamons , blues ,lilacs 

in Lynx or point

Mink or Traditional 



         Dolce Vita 

         February of



Babies will be solid or Mink

 Mitted or point

  Fawn or Lilac 


Dolce Vita

Bianca & Theo

planning for  March 2020

colors to expect :

Pure white , Blues ,Seals 

Minks or Traditional

Point or Lynx