Newly Wed

Chocolate Mousse 

Will have her babies available end of January 2021

1 available left


Here is our cinnamon Lynx Mink awesome boy 

Theodore Thumper of AmourToujours

Stunning in beauty, excellent Ragdoll temperament too .


  Mashmellow Snow


        Toblerone of AmourToujours


End of February 2021




Late Summer 2021





Dolce Vita is retired ,

Dolce Vita

Bianca and Tobby 

April 2021 

We have expanded our Cinnamon lines with Bumble Bee future queen in 2021 .

This Mink Lynx Mitted and Blazed Beauty is soft as bunny .

She is as adorable as can be and will produce cinnamons and chocolates with Toblerone

Lynxes and Blazes and mittens , wow ! so exiting !!

Not yet !

Her big beautiful eyes are not well represented in this picture , they are a two tone brilliant aqua Jade ...

She is only 5 months of age and already so fluffy , I love this girl and she loves me !

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