Newly Wed

Chocolate Mousse of AmourToujours _edite

Chocolate Mousse 

Will have her babies in July available in September



Here is our cinnamon Lynx Mink awesome boy 

Theodore Thumper of AmourToujours

Stunning in beauty, excellent Ragdoll temperament too .


  Mashmellow Snow


        Toblerone of AmourToujours


End of February 2021

 All sold

AmourToujours Ragdolls .jpg




 4th ofApril 2021


 babies are

 fawn , lilac and cinnamon


  pattern : mitted or Lynx or point       

   Available mid June

depth of color

Traditional blue eyes or Solid

green or aqua eyes


Dolce Vita is retired ,


Dolce Vita

cinnamon mink rag doll .jpg

3 beautiful babies were born March 14th to Abigail and Tobby

Biblos is available mid May 

Chocolate Lynx Traditional Blue eyes Boy

Bianca pure white Ragdoll .jpeg

Bianca and Tobby 

March 12th 2021 

3 babies were born 

Bianca is retiring this Summer .

Beaumont available end of May 

We have expanded our Cinnamon lines with Bumble Bee future queen in 2021 .

This Mink Lynx Mitted and Blazed Beauty is soft as bunny .

She is as adorable as can be and will produce cinnamons and chocolates with Toblerone

Lynxes and Blazes and mittens , wow ! so exiting !!

Not yet !

approx delivery very end of May , availability to take home end of July beginning of August 2021

Cinnamon Mink Blazed Lynx of AmourToujou

Her big beautiful eyes are not well represented in this picture , they are a two tone brilliant aqua Jade ...

She is only 5 months of age and already so fluffy , I love this girl and she loves me !