Mamas and Papas

Chocolate Mousse of AmourToujours _edite

Chocolate Mousse 
babies with blue eyes were born  January 23rd
2 are available to reserve .
Choco is retired and awaiting her best Forever Family to adopt her 


  Mashmellow Snow
          of AmourToujours
no baby available 
Snow is now 5 years of age and 
retired , kept with us .

We have expanded our Cinnamon lines with Bumble Bee  .
This Mink Lynx Mitted and Blazed Beauty is soft as bunny .
She is as adorable as can be and produces cinnamons and chocolates with Toblerone
Lynxes and Blazes and mittens , wow ! so exiting ! 

New birth expected end of May 2022
Very small litter .

Cinnamon Mink Lynx Mitted and hour glass Blazed_edited.jpg

Miss Cookie is a Fawn Mink tender Beauty
She will have 
babies available in July 2022
We are taking reservations ( first and 2nd pick are taken , 3 more )
Babies will be Traditionnal with blue eyes or Mink with Aqua eyes like Mama.
Fawn , Cinnamon ,Chocolate , Lilac all in Lynx pattern .


Mary Lou 
Our  Pure white Blue Eyed Beauty is pregnant .
Pure whites babies are possible this coming June
First pick is taken .



Upcoming Queen in 2022
rare color
perfect markings
coral pink leather nose
Immaculate Ivory lush coat .

Traditional Blue eyes Fawn Lynx
Planning for babies being this fall .


Here is our cinnamon Lynx Mink awesome boy founder of our cinnamon lines .

Theodore Thumper of AmourToujours

Stunning in beauty, excellent Ragdoll temperament too .


Dolce Vita
one of our founding boys .
Lilac Mink with Aqua eyes .

Small Title